Фразовые глаголы с глаголом take

Глагол to take [teɪk] используют в английском с целью описать процесс когда кто-то берет что-то. По русски глагол to take может означать:
брать, принимать, хватать, ловить.

Этот глагол неправильный, поэтому формы для Past Simple и Participle II образуются не по правилам, как для большинства английских глаголов. В данном случае для Past Simple это форма took, а для Participle II - форма taken.
Фразовых глаголов которые образуются от "take" много. Их значения могут быть совершенно разными, поэтому в предложениях с ними нужно обязательно обращать внимание на контекст для лучшего понимания смысла.

Ниже смотрите фразовые глаголы, образованные от "to take" с переводом и с примерами.
Take after

Look like, resemble
Походить на что-то, быть похожим

He TAKES AFTER his mother.
Take apart

Take something to pieces
Разобрать что-нибудь на части

She TOOK the photocopier APART to see what had got stuck in it.
Take aside

Get someone alone to talk to them
Попросить кого-нибудь поговорить с ними наедине

The teacher TOOK her ASIDE and said that she`d failed the exam.
Take back

1. Make someone nostalgic
Вызвать ностальгию

That song always TAKES me BACK to when I was at university.

2. Retract a statement, admit that something was wrong
Отказаться от утверждения, признать, что что-то не так

I had to TAKE BACK everything bad I`d said about them when I learned how they`d helped out.
Take down

1. Make notes or write down in full
Делать заметки или записывать полностью

The police TOOK DOWN his answers to their questions.

2. Remove

People TAKE DOWN their Christmas decorations twelve days after Christmas.
Take in

1. Absorb information
Поглощать информацию

The lecture was rather boring and I did not TAKE IN much of what the lecturer said.

2. Deceive

She TOOK me IN with her story until someone told me the truth.

3. Make clothes smaller
Уменьшить размер одежды

The jacket was far too big around the shoulders, so I had it TAKEN IN so that I could wear it.

4. Assume care or support
Взять на себя заботу или поддержку

The family TOOK IN the three homeless kittens.
Take it

Accept criticism
Принимать критику

He is good at criticising others, but can not TAKE IT himself.
Take it out on

Abuse someone because you are angry
Оскорблять кого-то, потому что вы злитесь

Whenever things go wrong, he always shouts and TAKES IT OUT ON me, even if I had nothing to do with the problem.
Take it upon yourself

Take responsibility, often without consulting other people
Взять на себя ответственность, часто не советуясь с другими людьми

I TOOK IT UPON MYSELF to make sure he got up on time.
Take off

1. Make great progress
Сделать большой прогресс

The software house really TOOK OFF when they produced the latest version of their DTP package.

2. Reduce the price of an item
Уменьшить цену предмета

They have TAKEN ten percent OFF designer frames for glasses.

3. When a plane departs or leaves the ground
Когда самолет взлетает или покидает землю

The flight for Dublin TOOK OFF on time.

4. Remove

It was hot, so I TOOK my jacket OFF.
Take on

1. Allow passengers on a ship or plane
Разрешить пассажирам сесть на корабль или самолет

The plane stopped at Zurich to TAKE ON some passengers.

2. Assume a responsibility
Взять на себя ответственность

She TOOK ON the task of indexing the book.

3. Employ

The council has had to TAKE ON twenty extra employees to handle their increased workload.
Take out

1. Borrow a library book
Взять библиотечную книгу

I TOOK OUT all the books I needed for my essay from the library.

2. Borrow money from a bank or other official lender
Занять деньги в банке или у другого официального кредитора

Jackie and Anil TOOK OUT a mortgage to buy a bigger flat.

3. Extract or remove
Извлечь или удалить

The dentist TOOK OUT all of my wisdom teeth before they started causing any problems.

4. Go out socially with someone, especially a date
Общаться с кем-нибудь, особенно на свидании

He TOOK her OUT to a restaurant last Friday night.

5. Obtain insurance
Получить страховку

I TOOK OUT some health insurance before I went backpacking around Latin America.

6. Kill, murder
Убить, совершить убийство

The gang TOOK him OUT after he spoke to the police.
Take over

1. Assume control of a company or organisation
Взять на себя управление компанией или организацией

The bank was TAKEN OVER by a Hong Kong bank that needed to buy a bank to get into the British market.

2. Start a job or position that someone had occupied before you
Начать работу или должность, которую кто-то занимал до вас

She TOOK OVER responsibility for the project last month.
Take through

Explain something to someone
Объяснить кому-нибудь

He TOOK me THROUGH the procedures before we started.
Take to

Make a habit of something
Сделать что-нибудь привычкой

He has TAKEN TO wearing a baseball cap since his hair started thinning more noticeably.
Take up

1. Fill or occupy time or space
Заполнить или занять время или пространство

An awful lot of my time at work is TAKEN UP with pointless bureaucracy nowadays.

2. Make clothes shorter
Сделать одежду короче

The trousers were too long so I TOOK them UP to make them fit.

3. Start a new hobby, pastime, etc.
Завести новое хобби, занятие и т.д.

He TOOK UP squash as he felt he had to lose some weight.

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