Фразовые глаголы с глаголом to go

Глагол to go [ɡəʊ] очень часто используют в английском с целью показать процесс движения. По русски to go может означать:
двигаться, идти, ехать, перемещаться.

Этот глагол неправильный, поэтому формы Past Simple и Participle II образуются не так, как у большинства других английских глаголов. В нашем случае для Past Simple это форма went, для Participle II - gone.
Фразовых глаголов которые образуются от "go" очень много. Смысл их тоже различный, поэтому советуем обращать внимание на контекст использования, чтобы понимать смысл и более точно переводить фразовые глаголы.

Ниже смотрите фразовые глаголы, образованные от "to go" с переводом и с примерами.
Go about

1. Deal with something
Иметь дело с чем-то

How should I GO ABOUT telling her the bad news?

2. Circulate

A rumour is GOING ABOUT involving the Attorney General.
Go across

Move to another side or place
Переместиться в другую сторону или в другое место

He WENT ACROSS to the opposition.
Go after

Chase, try to get
Преследовать, пытаться догнать

The cat WENT AFTER the pigeon, but it flew away.
Go against

Lose a decision or a verdict of a court
Проиграть суд

If the decision GOES AGAINST me, I will go bankrupt.
Go along with

1. Accept a decision or suggestion
Принять решение или предложение

I did not really agree, but I WENT ALONG WITH the decision because I was in the minority.

2. Accompany

I plan to GO ALONG WITH them as far as Los Angeles.
Go around

1. Circulate

A rumour is GOING AROUND about the Attorney General.

2. Be or have enough of something
Быть или иметь достаточно чего-то

There aren`t enough jobs to GO AROUND for the numbers of people graduating nowadays.

3. Visit
Нанести визит

I WENT AROUND for dinner at their house.
Go at

Attack or approach something with vigour
Нападать или приближаться к чему-либо с энергией

She WENT AT her dinner like she had not eaten for days.
Go away

Leave a place or disappear
Покинуть место или исчезнуть

This drug should make the pain GO AWAY.
Go back

1. Have a long history
Иметь долгую историю

He and I GO BACK a long way- we were at school together.

2. Return to, start doing something again
Вернуться, снова начать что-то делать

We WENT BACK to work after the break.
Go below

Leave the top deck of a ship
Покинуть верхнюю палубу корабля

The captain told the passengers to GO BELOW when the storm started.
Go by

1. The passing of time
Течение времени

Ten years WENT BY before we saw each other again.

2. Trust or depend on for correct information
Доверять или полагаться на правильную информацию

Do not GO BY my watch; it is usually a bit slow.

3. Pay a short visit, call
Нанести короткий визит, позвонить

Nobody was at home when I WENT BY yesterday.
Go down

1. Decrease, get smaller
Уменьшать, становиться меньше

The price of scanners has GONE DOWN recently.

2. Sink

The Titanic WENT DOWN after it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

3. Sunset
Заход солнца

The sun WENT DOWN at seven o`clock.

4. Be sent to to prison
Отправляться в тюрьму

He WENT DOWN for ten years for armed robbery.

5. Become recorded as or known as
Стать знаменитым или известным

It WENT DOWN as the worst day in the history of the company.

6. Be eaten or swallowed
Быть съеденным или проглоченным

The medicine WENT DOWN easily.

7. Fall to the ground
Упасть на землю

The boxer WENT DOWN in the second round.

8. Happen, take place
Быть, иметь место

The police thought that a big crime was GOING DOWN that night.

9. Stop working, especially computers
Перестать работать, касается компьютеров

The computer system WENT DOWN for an hour last night.

10. Become dimmer
Стать более тусклым

The lights WENT DOWN and the audience stopped talking.

11. Be received by people, in terms of their reaction
Быть принятым людьми с точки зрения их реакции

My joke WENT DOWN very badly.
Go down to

Be defeated
Быть поверженным

Chelsea WENT DOWN TO Arsenal in a thrilling game.
Go down with

1. Fall ill

She WENT DOWN WITH a virus.

2. Find acceptance
Получить признание

Do you think the scheme will GO DOWN WITH the farmers in the area?
Go for

1. Attack

The neighbour`s dog WENT FOR the postman and bit him.

2. Be attracted to
Быть привлеченным к чему-то

She tends to GO FOR guys like him.

3. Choose, select
Выбирать, выбирать

I will GO FOR the soup of the day, followed by the duck.

4. Try to get
Попытаться получить

The player WENT FOR the ball but missed.

5. Have something favourable
Иметь что-нибудь благоприятное

The play did not have much GOING FOR IT and we left halfway through.

6. Pass for or serve as
Прослыть или служить кем-то

It`s a couch that also GOES FOR a bed.
Go for it

Be assertive and ready to initiate action (Related to the meaning `attack`)
Быть напористым и готовым к действию (относится к значению «атаковать»)

He was not always successful, but whatever he tried to do he would always GO FOR IT.
Go forth

1. Leave a place
Оставить место

He WENT FORTH and found a wife in another city.

2. Travel abroad, leave a place
Ездить за границу, уезжать

They WENT FORTH to spread the word of the new religion.
Go forward

1. Move clocks ahead
Перевести часы вперед

The clocks MOVE FORWARD an hour on Sunday.

2. Progress

The top three teams GO FORWARD to the next round.
Go in

1. Go to hospital for treatment, surgery, etc.
Сходить в больницу для лечения, операции и т.д.

He WENT IN for a triple bypass operation two days ago.

2. Fit

The cable GOES IN here.

3. Disappear, become obscured by a cloud
Исчезнуть, быть закрым облаком

The sun has GONE IN.

4. Attack

The troops WENT IN at dawn.
Go in for

1. Enter a competition or sit an exam
Принять участие в конкурсе или сдать экзамен

He WENT IN FOR the photography prize, but did not win.

2. Support, advocate
Поддержать, защитить

I do not GO IN FOR the claims being made about blogging.

3. Like, have an interest in
Любить, интересоваться

He GOES IN FOR classical music.

4. Make a career choice
Сделать выбор в карьере

Have you thought about GOING IN FOR teaching?
Go in with

1. Form a union or alliance
Создать союз или альянс

They are going to GO IN WITH the Social Democrats.

2. Join, enter
Присоединиться, входить

Ask the other to GO IN WITH them on the plan
Go into

1. Discuss in some detail
Обсудить подробнее

They refused to GO INTO exactly what was wrong.

2. Enter a profession, hospital, trade, market
Войти в профессию, больницу, торговлю, рынок

She WENT INTO banking after she`d finished university.

3. Begin a speech or description
Начать речь или описание

He WENT INTO a long attack on the way press had handled the issue.

4. Be dedicated or devoted
Быть преданными

A lot of time and effort WENT INTO this book.

5. Be contained in a larger number
Быть включенным в большее число людей/объектов

Five GOES INTO sixty 12 times
Go it

1. Behave in a reckless way
Вести себя безрассудно

Shouting at the boss like that is GOING IT.

2. Move or drive very fast
Двигаться или ехать очень быстро

After the traffic jam, he really WENT IT to make up time.
Go it alone

Do something without help
Сделать что-нибудь без посторонней помощи

He prefers to GO IT ALONE rather then working with the team.
Go off

1. Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm)
Взорваться (бомба), начать звонить (тревога)

The fire alarm WENT OFF because someone was smoking in the toilets.

2. Go bad

The milk WENT OFF because I forgot to put it in the fridge.

3. Start to dislike
Начать что-то не любить

I WENT OFF her when she lied to me.

4. Leave a place
Оставить место

Please do not GO OFF until we have sorted this out.

5. Take place, follow a plan or pattern
Занять место, следовать плану или шаблону

The party WENT OFF well.

6. Stop working (electric/electronic equipment)
Прекратить работу (электрическое / электронное оборудование)

The lights GO OFF automatically when the office is empty.
Go off with

1. Elope, run away with someone
Бежать, сбежать с кем-нибудь

She WENT OFF WITH her friend`s husband.

2. Steal

He WENT OFF WITH my credit cards.
Go on

1. Continue

He WENT ON and ON talking and I was so bored.

2. Happen
Случаться, иметь место быть

There are loads of people out in the street; what`s GOING ON?

3. Start doing or taking something
Начать что-то делать

She WENT ON the pill when she met him.

4. Be guided
Руководствоваться чем-то

The investigators have no clues to GO ON.

5. Be nearly a certain period of time
Быть рядом в определенный период времени

It`s GOING ON ten years since we met.

6. Progress

They asked me how the project was GOING ON.

7. Spend money
Тратить деньги

Most of my salary GOES ON my mortgage repayments.

8. Start working (electric/electronic equipment)
Начать работу (электрическое / электронное оборудование)

The alarm GOES ON when you close the front door.
Go on about

Talk too much
Много говорить

He`s always GOING ON ABOUT his kids.
Go on at

Pester, try to make someone do something by repeatedly asking or suggesting
Приставать, попробовать заставить кого-нибудь что-то сделать, неоднократно спрашивая или предлагая

He WENT ON AT his parents until they bought him the game.
Go on with

Continue doing
Продолжать делать

Please GO ON WITH your work.
Go one

A way of encouraging someone
Способ кого-то подбодрить

GO ON, apply for the job.
Go out

1. Stop burning, be extinguished
Перестать гореть, погасите

The candle WENT OUT and left us in darkness.

2. Leave a place
Оставить место

He WENT OUT last night.

3. Go on strike

The workers WENT OUT for more money.

4. Become infashionable
Стать немодным

That sort of tie WENT OUT last year.

5. Move backwards, of a tide
Двигаться назад, от прилива

The tide GOES OUT in the evening.

6. Be eliminated in a competition
Вылететь из соревнования

England WENT OUT in the second round.

7. Be transmitted
Быть переданным

The item WENT OUT on the news yesterday.

8. Be sent
Быть отправленным

The newsletter WENT OUT last night.

9. Intend

I did not GO OUT to offend them.
Go out for

Become a candidate, apply for something
Стать кандидатом, подать заявку на что-нибудь

She WENT OUT FOR a place on the team.
Go out to

Feel sympathy with someone
Почувствовать к кому-то симпатию

Our condolences GO OUT TO all the families who have lost people in this tragic accident.
Go out with

Have a relationship with
Завести отношения

He`s been GOING OUT WITH his girlfriend for around six months now.
Go over

1. Look at something, revise
Посмотреть что-нибудь, исправить

We WENT OVER our notes before the exam.

2. Visit
Нанести визит

I had not seen her for a while, so I WENT OVER on Friday night.

3. Be approved or accepted
Быть одобренным или принятым

My plans WENT OVER well.

4. Repeat or explain
Повторить или объяснить

Could you GO OVER that point again, please?

5. Clean

I WENT OVER the living room with the vacuum cleaner before they arrived.
Go over to

1. Go on a journey
Отправляться в путешествие

I am GOING OVER TO Hong Kong next month.

2. Become converted

She WENT OVER TO Islam when she was living in the Middle East.

3. Change to something different
Поменять на что-нибудь другое

I used to drink beer but I have GONE OVER TO wine.
Go past

Pass without stopping
Пройти без остановки

She WENT PAST me without saying hello.
Go round

1. Be or have enough of something
Быть или иметь достаточно чего-то

There aren`t enough jobs to GO ROUND for the numbers of people graduating nowadays.

2. Circulate

there is a nasty rumour GOING ROUND about them.

3. Visit
Наносить визит

I WENT ROUND last night to see them.
Go through

1. Experience
Получать опыт

You would not believe what I WENT THROUGH when I was ill!

2. Read again
Прочитать заново

I WENT THROUGH my notes before the exam.

3. Examine, search
Изучить, искать

I WENT THROUGH my desk looking for the letter.

4. Do something in a certain way or following certain procedures
Делать что-то определенным образом или следуя определенным процедурам

You must GO THROUGH the proper channels to get the approval.

5. Explain

He WENT THROUGH his ideas twice but I could not really understand them.

6. Be approved formally or sanctioned
Получить официальное одобрение или санкции

My divorce WENT THROUGH last week.

7. Enter

They said I could GO THROUGH the exam room.

8. Consume or spend
Потреблять или тратить

We WENT THROUGH a fortune on our holiday.

9. Perform or carry something out
Выполнить или унести что-нибудь

I WENT THROUGH my work in a daze after I heard the news.
Go through with

Do or complete something you`ve agreed to
Сделать или завершить то, на что вы согласились

He did promise, but I doubt that he will GO THROUGH WITH it.
Go to

Allocate money
Выделять деньги

About half of my income GOES TO pay the mortgage.
Go together

Harmonize or be compatible
Гармонизировать или быть совместимы с чем-то/кем-то

Drinking and driving do not GO TOGETHER.
Go towards

Внести свой вклад

The money WENT TOWARDS my university fees.
Go up

1. Rise or climb
Подниматься, подняться

The price of petrol has GONE UP sharply because of the increase in duty in the Government`s budget.

2. Approach
Подходить, приближаться

We WENT UP and asked them for some information about the courses.

3. Be built
Быть построенным

Skyscrapers are GOING UP everywhere in the city centre.

4. Be heard
Быть услышанным

A huge cheer WENT UP when the president arrived.

5. Be promoted
Пойти на повышение

The top three teams GO UP at the end of the season.
Go up to

1. Approach
Подходить, приблизиться

She WENT UP TO him and asked him if he wanted a drink.

2. Attend a university
Поступить в университет

She WENT UP TO Cambridge after she finished secondary school.

3. Reach

The book only GOES UP TO the start of the Second World War.
Go with

1. Combine nicely
Красиво смешать

Does this tie GO WITH my shirt?

2. Accompany

A lot of benefits GO WITH the job.

3. Accept, agree to
Принимать, соглашаться

We are GOING WITH our original plan in the end.

4. Date, have a relationship with
Знакомиться, иметь отношения

She`s been GOING WITH him since she was at university.
Go without

1. Not have
Не иметь

I had to GO WITHOUT lunch today because I did not have any time.

2. Cope without having something
Справиться, ничего не имея

They are not coming, so we will have to GO WITHOUT their help.

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