Фразовые глаголы с глаголом to come

Глагол to come [kʌm] очень часто используют в английском с целью описать процесс, когда субъект приближается к чему-либо. Также глагол иногда может быть глаголом-связкой. По русски глагол to come может означать:
приходить, приезжать, подходить, приближаться, входить, появляться .

Этот глагол неправильный, поэтому формы для Past Simple и Participle II образуются не по правилам, как у большинства других английских глаголов. Для Past Simple используется форма came, для Particilpe II форма come.
Фразовых глаголов которые образуются от "come" просто огромное количество. Соответственно значения их очень часто сильно отличаются от смысла исходного и без контекста понять для чего они используются бывает крайне сложно. Советуем внимательно изучить все варианты таких фразовых глаголов.

Ниже смотрите фразовые глаголы, образованные от "to come" с переводом и с примерами.
Come about

1. Happen, occur
Иметь место, происходить

The meeting CAME ABOUT because both sides were sick of fighting.

2. Shift direction (nautical)
Изменить направление (морское)

The yacht CAME ABOUT to a heading of 240 degrees.
Come across

1. Find by accident
Найти случайно

I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when I was clearing out my desk.

2. The way other people see you
Согласиться на секс с кем-нибудь

He CAME ACROSS as shy because he spoke so quietly.
Come along

1. Accompany

May I COME ALONG on your trip tomorrow?

2. Move faster or keep up
Двигаться быстрее или не отставайте

COME ALONG, we will never get there if you do not keep up with us.
Come around

Recover consciousness
Восстановить сознание

It took several hours after the operation before he CAME AROUND.
Come around to

Agree with or accept something you had previously disapproved of or disliked
Согласится или принять то, что вы ранее не одобряли или не любили

They have started COMING AROUND TO our way of thinking and are less hostile.
Come before

Appear in court charged with a crime or offence
Явиться в суд с обвинением в совершении преступления или правонарушения

He CAME BEFORE the court on charges of speeding.
Come by

1. Visit
Нанести визит

I will COME BY after work and see if you need any help.

2. Acquire

How did you COME BY that Rolex?
Come down on

Criticise heavily
Сильно критиковать

The management really CAME DOWN ON him for losing the contract.
Come down upon

Criticise, reprimand severely
Критиковать, строго ругать

They will COME DOWN UPON us if we are late.
Come forth with

Provide information
Предоставить информацию

None of the witnesses CAME FORTH WITH an accurate description of the gang.
Come from

Country or town where you were born
Страна или город, в котором вы родились

She COMES FROM Somalia.
Come in

1. Arrive for flights
Прибыть (для авиарейсов)

The plane CAME IN at two-thirty in the morning.

2. Place or ranking in a competition, etc.
Место или рейтинг в конкурсе и т.д.

I did my best but CAME IN last but one in the race.

3. Receive news
Получать новости

Reports are just COMING IN of an assassination attempt on the President.
Come in for

Receive (criticism or praise)
Получать критику или похвалу

Jack has COME IN FOR quite a lot of criticism of late.
Come into

1. Be important or relevant
Быть важны или актуальны

Money does not COME INTO it; I simply will not do it under any circumstances.

2. Inherit

She CAME INTO a lot of money when her grandmother died.
Come into use

Start being used
Начать использовать

The computerised system CAME INTO USE at the end of last year.
Come off

1. When something breaks off
Когда что-то обрывается

I picked it up and the handle CAME OFF in my hand.

2. Be successful
Быть успешным

I was surprised when the plan CAME OFF so easily.
Come off it

I do not believe what you are saying; used as an imperative
Я не верю тому, что вы говорите (используется как императив)

COME OFF IT; tell me the truth for goodness` sake.
Come on

1. Encouragement

COME ON; do not give up now when you are so close to finishing.

2. Start an illness

I have got a bit of a headache. I hope it does not mean I have got flu COMING ON.

3. Start functioning (machines, etc)
Начать работать (машины и т. д.)

The central heating COMES ON automatically an hour before I have to get up.
Come out

1. A secret is revealed
Секрет раскрыт

The details of the scandal CAME OUT in the press and she had to resign.

2. Be published or otherwise available to the public
Быть опубликованным или быть иным образом доступным для общественности

The band`s new CD is COMING OUT in September.

3. Disappear when washed
Исчезать при стирке

The red wine I spilt just will not COME OUT of the carpet no matter what I try to clean it with.

4. When the sun appears
Сообщать людям, что вы лесбиянка или гей

It started cloudy, but then the sun CAME OUT and we all went to the park.
Come out in

Have a rash or similar skin problem
Иметь сыпь или похожую проблему с кожей

She CAME OUT IN a nasty rash after touching the poisonous plant by mistake.
Come out of

Recover consciousness
Восстановить сознание

After three years, he CAME OUT OF the coma.
Come out with

1. Make something available
Сделать что-нибудь доступным

They have just COME OUT WITH a new version.

2. Say something publicly and unexpectedly
Сказать что-нибудь публично и неожиданно

She CAME OUT WITH the answer when everyone was expecting it to remain unsolved.
Come over

1. Feel strange
Чувствовать себя странно

I CAME OVER all faint and weak because my sugar level was too low. (British)

2. Affect mentally in such a way as to change behaviour (possibly related to `overcome`)
Воздействовать мысленно таким образом, чтобы изменить поведение (возможно, связанное с «преодолением»)

I am sorry about last night - I do not know what CAME OVER me.
Come round

1. Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
Прийти в сознание, просыпаться от наркоза

She CAME ROUND and learned that the operation had been a complete success.

2. Change your opinion
Изменить свое мнение

At first she did not like the idea, but she CAME ROUND to our way of thinking in the end.
Come through

1. Arrive (messages and information)
Прибыть (сообщения и информация)

News is COMING THROUGH of a major accident on the M25, where freezing fog has been making driving conditions extremely dangerous.

2. Communicate an emotion
Сообщить эмоции

The anger she felt COMES THROUGH.

3. Produce a result
Произвести результат

They promised they`d do it, but they haven`t COME THROUGH yet.
Come through with

Provide something needed
Обеспечить то, что нужно

He did not COME THROUGH WITH the money and they went bust.
Come to

1. Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
Прийти в сознание, просыпайтесь от наркоза

She CAME TO an hour after the operation.

2. Result in
Привести к чему-то

The two men started arguing but they soon CAME TO blows and started fighting in earnest.
Come up against

Encounter problems or difficulties
Столкнуться с проблемами или трудностями

They CAME UP AGAINST a lot of opposition to their plans for an out-of-town supermarket development.
Come up with

Think of a solution, excuse, etc.
Придумать решение, оправдание и т.д.

Nobody could COME UP WITH a satisfactory explanation for the accident.

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